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Recommended by equestrian athletes worldwide, welcome to the home of truly the best in equine footing. Attwood's Pinnacle and Ameritrack surfaces are formulated from meticulously selected sand, viscoelastic polymer, and microfibers. Designed with the knowledge that so much is riding on your surface, our Pinnacle footing is the leading equine footing choice for arenas. Ameritrack, developed for the thoroughbred racing industry, is used for the ultimate in gallops and professional racetracks. These surfaces provide the most consistent concussion reduction and rebound of any equine footing on the market today. Best of all, these dust free footing systems never require watering!

Indoors, Pinnacle will not freeze. For outdoor usage both surfaces are highly freeze resistant and will not blow away in the strongest wind.

For outdoor applications both Pinnacle and Ameritrac will not absorb a drop of water and are totally free draining. These surfaces can be used soon after a heavy rainfall unlike conventional surfaces that remain sloppy and slippery. By comparison to traditional arenas, maintenance is significantly reduced - only light periodic harrowing and manure removal are required to keep it in top condition.

Gaining wider acceptance, sub-surface irrigation systems can offer serious advantages over traditionally watered footing. While others hastily introduced poorly performing and expensive systems, here at Attwood we used all our scientific heritage to design the very best system we call AquaBalance. Offering significantly reduced water usage, fully automated, and incredibly even moisture distribution, not to mention an almost invisible footprint, AquaBalance really is at the forefront. And it is incredible value!

In addition, Attwood provides premium GGT® and Euro Tex® custom formulated sandblends, two more of our high performance arenas surfaces. Both of these equine footing systems provide an excellent riding experience. These surfaces require watering to maintain the optimum footing characteristics and dust reduction.

We also offer affordable additives:

  • EuroTex - A unique blend of geo-felt and PES Fiber, EuroTex is specifically formulated to enhance sand for optimal bio-mechanical properties.
  • MicroSupreme® - our own special poly-micro fiber is 100% synthetic and not recycled.
  • All these have met with great success in dramatically enhancing the performance of existing sand or sand/stonedust arenas.

Attwood offers:

  • True footing expert support.
  • Design your turnkey project where we do it all Or purchase product for self-installation.
  • Arena consulting service from start to finish.


Our latest, and most innovative polymer-coated footing. Terra Nova is formulated from high quality silica sand and fibres and coated with a next generation viscoelastic polymer ...

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This ultimate riding surface combines the latest in technology and our 20 years of equestrian arena footing experience. Pinnacle is engineered with ...

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This complete race track system is specifically designed and formulated for horse safety and injury reduction. Ameritrack is engineered with a free-draining base and all-weather cushion ...

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Euro Tex® - NEW! This new additive from Europe is truly affordable and easy to install. The unique composition of PES and rubber fiber is further enhanced with the addition ...

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Temporary Arena

The Menlo Charity Horse Show takes place at the Menlo Circus Club in Atherton, California. Menlo is a six day event attracting many of the most accomplished...

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Green Footing

Pinnacle is now available in a green shade. This 'Green Pinnacle' as we refer to it has all the properties of our high performing Pinnacle footing.

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ArenaMat equestrian mat system is designed to deliver the latest in arena surface technology. This economical system provides many advantages over traditional arena...

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While others introduced rather imperfect sub-surface watering systems, we carried out the research and due-diligence to develop the simplest, cheapest and frankly...

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Five Star Footing

Not an additive, but a true formulated footing ready for your arena.
No mixing required.
Perfect for self-installation.
Convenient and affordable ...

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