Temporary Arena

What do you do when you require the best footing, but only for a limited time? Attwood's Temporary Arenas are the solution to this surprisingly common problem. Our highly acclaimed EuroTex footing is laid over a series of custom made mats, and can be removed after the event is over. The footing retains all its properties. The Menlo Charity Horse Show was the ideal platform for Attwood to demonstrate this technology. Since 2014, successive shows have been acclaimed a major success with the footing receiving universal praise.

Focus on Temporary Arenas

More and more we are being asked whether we can provide a riding arena on a temporary basis for a particular event, where no arena currently exists. We have to consider each case individually, but so far have not disappointed any request. We have to consider many issues. What is the state of the underlying ground? How will we provide a perimeter? What access is there to the area? All of the temporary arenas we have provided to date are recurring events, so the organising bodies have purchased our footing, and store it between events. We also consider renting footing for the duration of the event, in addition to providing installation, maintenance, and removal services.