This ultimate riding surface combines the latest in technology and our 20 years of equestrian arena footing experience. Pinnacle is engineered with premium materials to bring you the optimum in shear strength, minimal concussion and maximum viscoelastic rebound.

Pinnacle surfaces are formulated from high quality silica sand and fibres, and coated with viscoelastic polymer, to bring you the optimum in shear strength, shock absorption and maximum viscoelastic rebound. Pinnacle is laser graded to a uniform depth of four inches over a carefully graded compacted base.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Requires no watering
  • Dust free
  • Industry leading concussion reduction and rebound
  • More stable than wax to extremes of temperature
  • Customisable to suite jumping, dressage, racing.

Product HighLights

  • High quality silica sand and fibers coated with proprietary polymer.
  • All premium (not recycled or re-used) materials so composition tightly controlled & known.
  • All materials completely safe. Does not contain tyre scrap or PVC wire insulation which have known toxicological issues
  • Properties do not change depending on weather
  • Dust-free & does not require watering
  • Coloured green version available

Focus on Pinnacle

  • The polymer coating on Pinnacle components gives the footing viscoelastic properties. This is a technical term scientists ascribe to materials that 'give' or move with some resistance in response to a force (visco), but recover or are stretchy somewhat after the force is removed (elastic). Polymers tend to be viscoelastic, whilst simple solids are not. How this relates to footing is important.
  • Attwood's footings coated in a viscoelastic polymer resist deformation, providing cushioning, but recover after the force is removed, providing rebound. Our competitors' coated surfaces are coated in wax. Wax is not a viscoelastic solid so does not provide the level of cushioning and rebound that Attwood's polymer coating does. Such surfaces feel 'dead' in comparison. What's more, we believe Pinnacle is kinder to limbs, because of the lower impact forces as a result of the cushioning effect.