August 07, 2018

You could say the road to Great Meadow International 2018 was paved in Attwood footing. Well, maybe paved would not be the right word but you get the gist. Looking back at that competition, it was truly inspiring to know so many of the competing athletes were prepping on Attwood Surfaces.

From the newly expanded arena at Dutton's True Prospect Farm, to multi rings and gallop at the Martin's Windurra USA to Liz Millikin's lovely Lion's Gate Farm to Faudree's spectacular Gavilan Farm. That's a lot of footing! Because these riders depend on us so much they are much more than clients, they are our family.

We believe that a horse's health and soundness can be greatly impacted by its daily training surface. That's why we are constantly testing our footing to find innovative solutions for safety and performance. Want to know more about the most advanced footing solutions on the market today please call Attwood Equestrian Surfaces.

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