Pinnacle surface at Jockey Club Estates, Newmarket, U.K.

May 02, 2016

It is now six months since our all weather dust-free, polymer-coated footing was installed in a training ring at the world famous Jockey Club Estates in Newmarket, and we have been  monitoring its performance over the winter months.  The footing was installed in a brand new round-pen built alongside an existing ring containing a wax surface.  The rings are used by local trainers to lunge, and to ride generally young thoroughbred horses.

Despite some very wet weather during the winter, the surface performed well, demonstrating its superior draining capability.  Indeed on several occasions the adjacent wax surface was water-logged, whilst the Pinnacle ring continued unfazed.   Admittedly the wax surface is several years old so we shouldn’t crow too loudly.  This was the adjacent (rather squelchy!) wax surface after overnight rain in December last year, whilst our Pinnacle ring next door was being used.  

This was the picture on several visits – the pinnacle ring was being used whilst the wax surface was undisturbed from its grooming the night before. To underline this, a number of trainers told us that they much preferred to work their horses on the Pinnacle surface, citing its superior cohesion and support, and its usability after heavy rain.

The Head Heathman is happy with the surface so far but regrets that its full potential has not been tested through freezing conditions – the Newmarket area just didn’t have any prolonged spells of freezing weather last winter. We are confident the surface would have shown up well against the adjacent wax surface, particularly considering the high level of moisture contained in that footing – we dread to think how that would turn out in any sustained cold weather!