Attwood at the China Horse Fair 2014

October 27, 2014

27 October 2014: Beijing: We are delighted to announce our diversification into Mainland China at the China Horse Fair 2014 in Beijing. This marks yet another step towards expanding into markets outside of our traditional bases in North America.

The three-day event was exciting as we had numerous equestrian enthusiasts visit our booth and discuss our products. We were also invited by a few arenas to visit their site and discuss the possibility of installing Attwood surfaces.

Speaking on the sidelines, our President Nick Attwood said, "There are many companies from Europe trying to penetrate the Chinese arena and footing market. They have had some success selling wax-based products and other types of footings made from carpet scrap, etc. Of course we believe our products are superior. Many are trying to import recycled carpet scrap and are finding it difficult to import material which is labeled "Waste" or "Trash". All our additives are virgin materials which should make importing a little easier for us."

Nick went on to say, "We know this is a long term project! It's a very exciting time to be working in Asia."

The highlight of the event was Nick's speech on the properties of good footing. In his speech, Nick stressed upon how important it is to get the footing right, as it helps riders get their horses to perform better and stay healthy for longer.