Our latest, and most innovative polymer-coated footing. Terra Nova is formulated from high quality silica sand and fibres, and coated with a next generation viscoelastic polymer, giving unrivalled shock absorption, grip, and rebound.

Characteristics of Terra Nova:

  • Very economic and competitively priced
  • No watering required
  • Dust-free and Non-tacky
  • Consistent riding characteristics
  • Manufactured from premium raw materials
  • Reduced concussion with viscoelastic rebound
  • Freeze-resistant and stable over a wide temperature range

Focus on TerraNova

  • Attwood's latest polymer-coated footing, TerraNova, truly is a next generation surface. In response to feedback from our customers, we set out to develop a coated surface that offers the same class-leading riding characteristics of our Pinnacle footing, but which has a completely non-stick feel. We achieved this and more, developing an exceptional footing that is even more affordable than Pinnacle.
  • Coated surfaces rely on an adhesive coating to bind the sand grains and additives together. This is what helps to give the surface cohesion and support. In the case of waxed surfaces, the wax coating does a reasonable job of binding the components together, but they feel oily and often the sand sticks to just about anything that comes into contact with it! Attwood's first coated footing, Pinnacle, largely eliminates this problem. TerraNova goes to the next stage! Through ingenious design, TerraNova footing binds all the components together, without feeling the slightest bit sticky.