Our Clients

With over 500 installations across the USA, Europe and Asia, our client list is impressive and includes many internationally recognized competitors and trainers.

Silva and Boyd Martin

Boyd Martin has enjoyed international competitive success, representing the United States at the 2010 Alltech Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY, on Neville Bardos, and the 2012 Olympic Games in London, riding Otis Barbotiere Silva has enjoyed continuing competitive success at major shows including Dressage at Devon, the CBLM Championships, regional championships and on the Florida circuit.

"We've been training on it for a couple of years and we know it's the best footing out there. It's like riding on a cloud."


David and Karen O'Connor

Karen has ridden in five Olympic Games, three World Equestrian Games and two Pan American Games winning multiple medals, including a team silver at the 1996 Olympic Games and a team bronze at the 2000 Olympic Games David competed in two Olympic Games, winning a team silver at the 1996 Summer Olympics and an individual gold and team bronze at the 2000 Summer Olympics.


St Bride's Farm

St. Bride's Farm is a privately owned farm located in the rolling hills of Northern Virginia, specializing in the breeding, training & showing of world class Show jumpers. We installed our Pinnacle footing in their indoor arena in 2011. This facility has two successful riders, Ramiero Quintana, with many wins on Whitney, and Susie Hutchison, with many awards riding on Ziedento. These two Riders compete nationally and internationally.


George Morris

George H. Morris is an American trainer and judge of horses and riders in the hunter and jumper disciplines. He is considered a "founding father" of Hunt Seat Equitation. He also is the current chef d'equipe for the United States Equestrian Federation, USEF, show jumping team.

George Morris is the current chef d'equipe for the United States Equestrian Federation show jumping team. Every Year George teaches clinics in Attwood installed arenas and has praised the consistency of our footing products. George Morris had not endorsed any products in over 20 years. He has become huge supporter of Attwood surfaces and freely endorses our footing and is happy to speak about it. Below is one of several magazine advertisements with George Morris endorsements and no compensation was provided to him by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces.

"The footing at Windurra was superb. It had great cushion for landing and a great grip for good turns. I'd highly recommend Attwood."


Morningside Training Centre

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces constructed a Pinnacle Jumping arena in 2011. The arena is used for high performance jumping, hunter and dressage. This arena is highly sought after for training and is under constant use by many top riders from the USA and Europe.*


October Hill

OHF is nationally recognized jumper barn with focus on the sport horse athlete. We installed our Pinnacle footing in their indoor jumping arena in 2006 and it has proven to be a success in their development program for all the horses that ride there.


Bel-Mont Farm

Bel Mont Farm is owned by Donna Tainter, a jumper who worked for three top Olympic riders Leone, Daan Nanning of Holland, and then with Joe Fargis. Bel-Mont Farm's focus is the preparation of the horse for competition.


Toyon Farm Napa, California

Toyon Farm is situated on 80 acres which include 35 acres of grapes. There are 3 arenas for schooling, 1 indoor and two outdoor, as well as 2 round pens for lunging, both under cover with lights. Two of the riding arenas and one of the round pens are equipped withPinnacle footing by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. The indoor arena has full mirrors on one side. Boarders also have access to trails throughout the vineyards.

In the barn, there are 30 stalls, 9 grooming areas, 3 tackrooms, lockers and a viewing lounge overlooking the indoor arena.


Menlo Park

Menlo is a six day event attracting many of the most accomplished riders in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Recognized in 2012 as a Heritage Horse Show, Menlo is an AA rated hunter jumper competition. Attwood Equestrian Surfaces was asked to provide a solution which would provide safe footing for the show and also allow the turf polo field to recover as quickly as possible.

Our solution was to lay a series of rubber mats on the turf and place the footing on top.

Successive shows since 2014 have been claimed to be a major success with the footing receiving universal praise.


Isabella Farms

Isabella Farms was established in 2000 and is a premier training and boarding facility, in Cypress, Houston. Attwood has installed its highly acclaimed EuroTex footing on their covered arena, official dressage arena and round pen.


The Jockey Club

In October 2015 The Jockey Club Estates at Newmarket in the U.K. installed Attwood's Pinnacle footing in a round pen, used extensively by leading racehorse trainers.The Jockey Club Estates provide some of the finest Thoroughbred training facilities in the world, from their Lambourn and Newmarket sites, home of the Jockey Club for over 250 years. This is Attwood's first foray into the racing world and the round pen will provide valuable feedback on the performance of the footing. Jockey Club Estates have around ten wax-based synthetic gallops at Newmarket of various distances that provide trainers with year-round exercise facilities. As these need replacing, the advantages of Attwood's polymer-coated synthetic surface will already have been demonstrated.


Two arenas in The Plains, Virginia

We've installed Attwood equestrian footing in our new arena that is quick draining, freeze resistant and virtually dust free. This surface provides better stability and less stress on our horses's legs and joints, which helps prevent soft tissue damage, lameness, and other injuries. The horses do not get bogged down when jumping, as the recovery of the footing after each step the horse takes is amazing. The new fantastic footing at Spring Down consists of angulated sand that is heat dried, blended with poly microfibers, and coated in a viscoelastic polymer.

The new fantastic footing at Spring Down consists of angulated sand that is heat dried, blended with poly microfibers, and coated in a viscoelastic polymer.

The coating on the sand has water repellent properties because of the oil-based polymer. Water and urine will sit on top of the surface and make its way down to the sub-base and will ultimately drain away and/or evaporate. The micofibers, which were coated together with the sand, knit the footing together, increasing the sheer strength. The footing will not become sloppy or loose when wet. We can expect to have two arenas available after a hard rain or storm. In addition, it is dust-free and noiseless as well.