More on our green arenas

June 01, 2015

Last month, we introduced our ‘Green Arenas’, and were delighted with all the interest it generated. So we thought we would run a follow-up story on the topic.

Green arenas, apart from their attractive colour, have numerous distinct advantages, that translate directly in to superior performance.

Because our footing contains very pure fibres and polymeric coating, and no carpet scrap or recycled rubber which turns the footing black, we believe we are the only company capable of supplying a quality green product that will remain green throughout its life.

Not only will the green surface give a very appealing visual result, it is also a highly technical product. The colourant we have selected helps to keep the footing cool because it reflects infra-red radiation from the sun – approximately half the energy from sunlight. Lower tech colourants can absorb most of the sun’s energy leading to significantly increased surface temperature and eventual surface degradation.

The coloured surface will also minimise glare, allowing better depth perception for both horse and rider.

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