Attwood's Pinnacle Footing at Kansas State University

January 25, 2017

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces is elated to share the story behind our recent project in Manhattan, Kansas. This project was for the Kansas State University. They built a new Equine Performance Testing Center and the footing of choice was Attwood Equestrian Surfaces Pinnacle.

As the pictures depict, we had quite the challenge as the weather was below freezing and once the frost began to thaw it became a muddy mess. In addition, when we arrived we realized the base was not correct and is one of the reasons we prefer to do the base ourselves.

We had to correct the grade by bringing in more material and laser leveling it then compacting it with moisture to achieve necessary results as the base was not up to our standard to accept our Pinnacle footing. Despite all of these setbacks we completed the installation and the Architect, Contractor and the medical equine staff at KSU were very impressed.

We at Attwood, believe in hard work no matter what the challenges facing us and delivering results that make our clients happy!

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