Contracts signed by May 1, 2018 will receive special Collegiate pricing as well as a harrow valued up to $6,000.00

You already know the key to any successful IHSA program is developing and retaining top talent, but does your facility help you, or hold you back? For any equestrian program to flourish, it requires first class footing.

The best candidates will be looking for a clean, well-run facility with good amenities and good footing. The educated rider knows a horse's health and soundness is impacted by its daily training surface.

The solution for your program is Attwood.

Our Pinnacle footing:

  • Has a visco-elastic polymer coating to give footing unrivalled shock absorbency and rebound;

  • Will not significantly harden when cold, or melt when temperatures soar;

  • Requires no watering, even in the hottest climates;

  • Is completely dust free;

  • Cushions falls when they occur;

  • And most importantly, is SAFE.

What does this mean for you?

Financial Savings

You will spend less time maintaining the arenas and more time riding. No time will be spent watering, and as a result, less time will be spent dragging.

Respiratory Health

A dust free environment is the ideal arena for training and competing. Your horses, riders and instructors will not spend their days breathing in dust.

Fewer Vet Bills

Consistent footing reduces strains on the horses' tendons. No matter what your discipline is: hunter/jumpers, dressage, eventing or western, our arenas provide your horses an ideal environment to train and compete safely and confidently.

No Watering

No frozen or slick surfaces in the winter-time, reducing maintenance and equipment costs, and saving you time.


We believe we have the most advanced quality system of all footing manufacturers on the global market. Our ingredients are all 'virgin', therefore manufactured to tight tolerances. There are no recycled products of dubious heritage in our footing. We have a MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) for each of our ingredients. And we scientifically measure many properties of our final product and ingredients to ensure adherence to our patented specifications.

When there is so much riding on your surface, shouldn't your footing be Attwood Equestrian Surfaces?

If you are interested in speaking with Attwood Equestrian Surfaces about our special Collegiate pricing, please call 1-888-461-7788 and ask for Melanie or email