Synthetic Wax based Racetracks – Good or bad?

The jury is out on Synthetic Wax based Racetracks. At one time, not in the distant past, they were touted as the next big thing in horse racing, and had potential to revolutionize the sport. They had numerous potential advantages over riding on dirt or grass, and many race clubs around the World were scrambling to upgrade their footing. However, a few years on, the performance of this wax-based footing has not turned out as well as expected. Wax has numerous problems when used outdoors, particularly in regions that experience large climatic fluctuations. Some clubs in the Middle East, particularly the Meydan Race Course had to completely remove their footing soon after they were introduced, resulting in serious costs, and damage to reputation. At Attwood, we have carried out intensive research on what goes into making the perfect footing, and why wax is a bad idea. Our all-weather footings, be they for arenas or racetracks, are polymer based, and because we use only the best virgin polymers, specially crafted for our surfaces, we are absolutely confident of their properties, and how they perform in actual riding conditions. We call our Racetrack system Ameritrack, and this is a product we believe could be the next big thing in racing.


This complete race track system is specifically designed and formulated for horse safety and injury reduction. Ameritrack is engineered with a free-draining base and all-weather cushion. It incorporates a vertical drainage system which eliminates movement of the cushion to the rail and results in a consistent, no bias track. The characteristics of the surface are minimal kick-back, low concussion and optimal viscoelastic rebound. With Ameritrack, watering for dust control, leveling and re-establishing the grade of the slope are not required. Unlike many coated surfaces, Ameritrack does not contain wax. Ameritrack remains stable in extreme temperature conditions. During high temperatures, it will not melt or become soft, and during extreme cold, it will remain soft and pliable, rather than become hard and brittle.

Characteristics of Ameritrack-

  • Dust-free and non-tacky
  • Consistent going
  • Manufactured from premium raw materials
  • Engineered for thoroughbred training and racetrack
  • Reduced concussion with viscoelastic rebound
  • Freeze-resistant and stable over a wide temperature range

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