Attwood Launches ArenaMat

In Attwood's consistent effort to provide meticulously engineered surfaces that benefit the horse and the rider, we introduce the perfect ingredient to best Arena Footing- ArenaMat!

ArenaMat equestrian mat system is designed to deliver the latest in arena surface technology. This economical system provides many advantages over traditional arena base design. Because of the stability provided by the mats, less sub-base material is required, whilst a thinner layer of top footing material is also facilitated, especially if you choose one of Attwood’s top quality, supportive footing products. Finally a membrane between base and footing is not required.

In cases where you want a temporary facility, ArenaMat can even be placed directly onto reasonably level ground such as turf. All of this helps to reduce cost.

Featuring advanced design, drain channels allow excess water to easily move to the sub-base layer, whilst ‘cups’ hold water to release it back to the footing layer, significantly reducing watering.

The grid system helps to hold footing in place, improving grip.
The slightly elastic nature of the mat also provides extra cushioning, protecting limbs from injury.

ArenaMat base mat system is specially designed for arena construction.

Benefits include:

  • Cost effective
  • Less sub-base material & thinner footing layer
  • Will not clog like membrane layer
  • Improves drainage
  • Significantly reduces watering
  • Improved shock absorption/concussion
  • Improved grip
  • Simple installation
  • U.V., rot resistant, and environmentally friendly material
  • Allows easy de-installation of footing
  • Can be used without a drainage base for temporary facilities

Tested by the highest level of experts of equestrian sport, ArenaMat has consistently proven it's efficiency. Not just safety and comfort, horses need the perfect spring to perform their best. And that's exactly why ArenaMat is undoubtedly the best choice!

Special Introductory offer on Attwood ArenaMat. Drop us a line at to know more!

Technical Data :

Outdoor ArenaMat
This mat is for outdoor riding arenas, paddocks, hotwalkers and is made from 100% elastic PVC material.

  • Length: 3.94 feet
  • Width: 2.72 feet
  • Height: 1.58″
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Drainage: 190 holes/mat
  • Coverage: 10.72 sq ft = 1.19 sq yards
  • Water storage capacity: 0.1 gal/ft2 (4L/m2)

Interlocking Arena Base Mat System
Ideal for building short-term show arenas on grass, indoor arenas and Western Pleasure arena construction.

  • Length: 3.28 feet
  • Width: 2.78 feet
  • Height: 1.58″
  • Weight: 36-40 lbs
  • Drainage: 168 holes/mat
  • Coverage: 9.12 sq ft = 1.00 sq yd


About Attwood Equestrian Surfaces:

Since 1992 Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has been at the forefront of footing development. We are the original manufacturer of dust-free footing (polymer coated sand) in the USA. Our premier equestrian surfaces are engineered from meticulously selected sand, blended with micro poly-fibers and coated with a viscoelastic polymer. Our years of experience in working with textiles and sand have provided us with the knowledge to produce consistent high performance equestrian surfaces. We formulate for all equestrian disciplines who train in a wide range of climates. It's this experience and our continuous innovation that keeps us at the forefront of equestrian footing development. We understand the need for carefully engineered surfaces that benefit the horse and rider. Our dust-free equestrian surface product offerings are Ameritrack, Pinnacle, and Terra Nova. Our sand-blend water dependent equestrian surface product offerings are comprised of Euro Tex and GGT Footing™ textiles.

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