This complete race track system is specifically designed and formulated for horse safety and injury reduction. AmeriTrack is engineered with a free-draining base and all-weather cushion. It incorporates a vertical drainage system which eliminates movement of the cushion to the rail and results in a consistent, no bias track.

Unlike most coated surfaces, AmeriTrack is manufactured without wax. AmeriTrack remains stable in extreme temperature conditions. During high temperatures, it will not melt or become soft, and during extreme cold, it will remain soft and pliable, rather than become hard and brittle.

Product HighLights

  • Dust-free and non-tacky.
  • Consistent going
  • Manufactured from premium raw materials
  • Engineered for thoroughbred training and racetrack
  • Reduced concussion with viscoelastic rebound
  • Freeze-resistant and stable over a wide temperature range

Focus on Ameritrack

Synthetic surfaces in the horse racing industry have received mixed press over the years. In 2006, motivated by evidence that synthetic surfaces resulted in a decrease in fatalities, the California Horseracing Board decreed that all racetracks in the state should switch to synthetics. Nine years later, all except one have been axed. Add to that several others throughout the United States, and the prestigious Meydan racetrack in Dubai, all being removed, tells a devastating story. All of these racetracks were installed with wax-based surfaces, and their problems have done untold damage to the reputation of synthetic surfaces. It is widely accepted that the wax coating could not cope with the temperature variations throughout a day, and throughout the year, riding hard and fast in the colder parts of the day/year, and soft and slow in the hotter parts of the day/year.

Maintenance was therefore a real headache for the racetrack managers, and inconsistent times were a problem for riders and trainers, and racegoers. Had the racetrack owners turned to Attwood back in 2006, they would have encountered our polymer-coated synthetic surface, which is proven scientifically to vary considerably less than wax surfaces. This is because the waxes used for equestrian surfaces are crystalline solids, and as such melt when they get warm (think of candle wax). This melting can occur at normal outside temperatures, turning from solid in the morning, to liquid in the afternoon sun. This change has a devastating effect on the properties of the footing, hence on the 'going' of a racetrack. Attwood's Ameritrack polymer coating is not crystalline and does not melt in this way, so footing properties are maintained constant throughout the day, and throughout the seasons.