This new additive from Europe is truly affordable and easy to install. The unique composition of Polyester and rubber fiber is further enhanced with the addition of Geopad felt and Cleff elasticated fibers providing lateral and vertical binding to achieve optimum consistency and cushioning. It can be incorporated into new or existing sand arenas.

Product HighLights

  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Customisable to suit jumping or dressage
  • Helps maintain moisture retention - less watering required
  • Can be retro-fitted into existing sand arenas

Focus on Eurotex:

Whilst it might be tempting to think that the additive is the most important component in a non-coated, watered surface, this would be ill-advised. Especially with this type of footing, the sand is of vital importance. Put another way, a poor sand, even when combined with the very best additive system, still won't give rise to a satisfactorily performing footing. This is because a significant level of the performance derives from the interaction between sand grains and moisture. This interaction is generally poorly understood amongst footing manufacturers, suppliers and installers. Many will supply an additive, claiming it can be used with any sand. In reality, an additive may slightly improve a poor sand, but will not bring the surface up to an acceptable condition. Here at Attwood, we will not sell our Eurotex additive unless a good sand is being specified for a new surface, or an existing sand achieves our standard.