Green Footing

Our footings are now available in a green shade. This 'Green Pinnacle' as we refer to it has all the properties of our high performing Pinnacle footing. Additionally, the colour resists fading, and does not wash out in rain.

Because our Green Pinnacle contains very pure fibres and polymeric coating, and no carpet scrap or recycled rubber which turns the footing black, we believe we are the only company capable of supplying a quality green product that will remain green throughout its life.

Product HighLights

  • Green Pinnacle now available
  • Same exceptional properties as regular Pinnacle
  • Attractive natural green colour
  • Helps in cases of difficult local planning restrictions
  • Green TerraNova and Eurotex in the pipeline

Focus on Green Footings

When we developed our Green Pinnacle footing, one property we knew at the outset it should have, is that the green colour should not wash out in the rain. This was a challenge since our Pinnacle footing is used outdoors in wet climates, and the constant abrasion of sand and fibres could easily lead to loss of the colour. To simulate these conditions we adapted a test we developed many years ago to measure the longevity or lifetime of coated surfaces. The test inflicts the type of wear suffered by outdoor footing subject to the vagaries of weather, in regular use for many years, but takes place in the lab in a manageable timeframe. Thanks to the test we have been able to prove that the Green Pinnacle product we have developed does not lose any of its colour over the typical lifetime of Pinnacle footing.