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Case Studies

Barry & Cyndy Ollif, Stableview, Aiken SC Pinnacle arena

The current owner wanted to develop land and create a world-class equestrian facility. He started off by building a huge 300ft x 200ft covered arena in 2010, that could incorporate a warm-up and jumping or dressage section. He wanted the best quality footing so he could attract the best riders. He also wanted footing that was easy to maintain, and didn't want to install a watering system. Pinnacle fitted the bill. Jumping shows are regularly held in this arena, known as Jumping Under The Stars, a monthly event in Aiken. Stableview also wants to attract high level borders, be they private, or international riders/teams. Their goal was achieved in Spring 2015 when the U.S. Olympic Eventing Team held a series of training sessions on the Pinnacle arena at Stableview.

Stableview, Aiken SC - Sand Blend Arena

Due to an increasing number of borders, further development at Stableview was undertaken in 2014 with a new outdoor arena being installed. Attwood's sand blend product based on Eurotex (German Geo-Textile) additive was installed because it allows flexibility for high level jumping, and training & flt-work. This surface is also extremely economical. The arena was built with an extensive drainage system because the Aiken area in South Carolina can experience short periods of very heavy rain, and downtime needs to be minimised. Our expertise allows us to combine good water holding ability, good drainage, and flexibility of firmness; a winning combination.

To complete the development a sand blend (Eurotex) warmup arena that can also be used for competition Dressage, connected to both the covered Pinnacle and outdoor sand blend arenas was constructed by us in December 2015

TerraNova - Corwin Ranch, Phoenix, Arizona

Installed at Corwin Ranch near Phoenix Arizona, our TerraNova polymer-coated dust-free footing has to withstand some quite inhospitable conditions. Whilst the arena at Corwin Ranch is covered, the temperature in the shade is routinely 105°F, and can reach 115°F. This is a challenge for dust-free footings, and most wax-based surfaces simply can't handle the heat ! The wax melts and the surface rides very deep. TerraNova is coated in Attwood's proprietary polymer so does not melt and can be formulated to give the perfect riding characteristics under these conditions.

We installed the surface in June 2015, and it was immediately approved by two of the residents of Corwin Ranch, Tumbleweed and Sage!

Temporary Arena - Menlo Charity Horse Show,
San Fransisco, CA

This highly acclaimed show in the San Fransisco area is held every year on the polo field at the prestigious Menlo Circus Club. This presents a unique challenge as the competition arena has to be temporary, being returned to the polo field after the event. Attwood has been installing the temporary arena for a number of years, and our solution has been a huge success.

Firstly interlocking rubber mats are laid on the grass – if footing is placed directly on the grass surface there is poor cohesion at the interface and the footing can slide on the grass. Several years ago the club purchased Attwood's Eurotex footing which is stored off-site during the year and is brought to the field and laid on top of the mats. After a check of the moisture content and adjustment if necessary, the surface is graded to Attwood's tight tolerance, and the show can begin!

Interestingly, recovery of the underlying grass after two weeks under the arena is rapid, and is ready for polo soon after.

Following another successful show in 2014, Manager Liz Crowell was moved to write to the Attwood team to congratulate them, saying, "Thank you for all your hard, brilliant work. We had the best footing we've had in 40+ years."

Will Faudree, Hoffman N. Carolina - Pinnacle Gallop

Will is a young up and coming three day eventer. He recognised that his farm lacks a gallop to give his horses the stamina required for the discipline. This is an amenity that is commonly missing at facilities throughout the U.S.A. Stamina is important for the cross-country section, where the last 3 or 4 fences are particularly demanding.

We spent a lot of time with the customer planning the positioning of the gallop so it has a constant uphill gradient, in order that the horses are worked consistently throughout the distance. There was a further aim to minimise the amount of earth moving, so reducing expense, but also reducing the impact on the environment. The 12 feet wide 1 ¼ mile gallop was installed with a stonedust base, incorporating drainage because heavy rain can be a feature of this area. Pinnacle footing was chosen because it is a forgiving surface, but is also stable underfoot, has low maintenance, requires no watering so is ready to go 24/7. A rail to keep horses on track completes the installation.

Will is happy to allow others to use the track because he is keen to support U.S. three day eventing. Trainers will bring horses from 3 hours away because it is such a good facility.

Boyd & Silva Martin, Windurra Farm, Cochranville PA. - Pinnacle and Sand Blend Arenas

Pinnacle Dressage Arena:
This is a regulation 20m x 60m arena . Silva, who is a Dressage rider wanted Pinnacle because it offers exceptional cushioning - this was considered important by Silva since in dressage there is a great deal of repetitive movement so a possibility of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Jumping arena, Eurotex
Boyd wanted maximum control over tightness of the footing, achievable through moisture content and dragging – our Eurotex footing offers this flxibility. He prepares the surface tighter when top level riders are jumping, and looser for other kinds of work. Boyd chose Eurotex over GGT as the additive as it has slightly more cushioning. The arena was fitted with a good deal of drainage to keep it rideable, but Boyd has access to water so this is not disadvantageous during dryer spells of weather.

Elizabeth Guirasco Somerset Farm, Virginia - TerraNova

Elizabeth had sand blend surface in her indoor arena but the constant watering was destroying the building through mold. She therefore moved to a wateringfree situation and installed a wax-coated footing. The quality of this footing was poor and, after unsuccessfully trying to get the installer to improve the footing , only a couple of years later Elizabeth decided to remove it. She evaluated samples from a number of companies and was so impressed with Attwood's TerraNova that she felt she had to have the footing. This was TerraNova's debut in August 2013, and we were grateful that this customer has an 'early adopter' mentality which enabled her to be the fist in the world to have a TerraNova surface! The arena is used predominantly for Dressage, but there has been jumping on the surface and Elizabeth is delighted with the utility of the surface.

Elizabeth Guirasco, Yellow Bird, Wellington, Florida - Pinnacle

Elizabeth Guirasco was so impressed with our service andTerraNova product for her indoor arena in Virginia, she asked Attwood to re-surface her Florida outdoor arena, with Pinnacle footing. At Yellow Bird the well respected high level trainer, J-J Tate demanded a high level surface. They'd had problems with two previous surfaces supplied by competitors, primarily because of a lack of drainage during the rainy winter months, and the arena was often out of action for days on end. We installed our drainage system and paired this with Pinnacle dust-free footing. J-J and Elizabeth are delighted with the low maintenance aspect of Pinnacle – watering in the summer months in Florida can be onerous and this has been completely eliminated. So too has the previous high frequency of dragging.

Liberty farm, Middleburg, VA

Top dressage rider and trainer at Liberty Farm, Wanja Gerlach had suffered with a sand blend arena that required signifiant maintenance through watering and dragging, had seen a number of Attwood's new low maintenance TerraNova arenas and decided to replace footing. He fully appreciated the advanced technology of TerraNova, and with Attwood being a local supplier felt the project was a 'no-brainer'.

Camille Penhote, Toyon Farm, Nappa Valley, CA

Camille was a very early customer for Attwood. In 1993, a previous incarnation of Pinnacle, a dust-free product known as Equation was installed by us in her indoor arena. Fourteen years later, the customer felt it was time to replace her surface. Although installing a dust-free footing is an expensive undertaking, when the numbers were run, the customer could see that the fist footing had been a very economical solution. Add to this the previous Equation product had been improved over the years so the customer didn't hesitate to ask us to install Pinnacle in 2007. However clinching the deal wasn't completely plain sailing – Camille had seen a 'rival' footing at a neighbouring barn which she thought was amazing and was torn between this and Pinnacle. After some investigative work it turned out that the 'rival' was in fact our own Pinnacle!

Because of the quality of Pinnacle footing Camille additionally installed Pinnacle in her outdoor arena, replacing the existing plain sand, and also her round pen. All three are performing well eight years later.

As a footnote, the original Equation footing that was removed from the indoor arena in 2007, was rejuvenated by us and installed at another facility in California, and although not 1st quality, is still going strong 25 years into its life!