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As horsemen, we love to talk about the footing. Good, bad, but never indifferent. Good footing can actually increase the longevity of a horse's career. Bad footing can send you straight to the vet. Recently the FEI published a white paper discussing the science behind good footing. The same scientific approach that has been applied to Attwood's premium blends for almost twenty years.

From the hoof's first impact to the rollover, there is a concussive element to all footing. Mostly, the horse's soft tissue will absorb much of it, but good footing can minimize the effects. As the horse's hoof impacts the surface, there is movement forward. Not enough grip and the horse will slip. Too much grip and the horse cannot move freely. It takes a master craftsman who understands the science and a horse's biomechanics to make truly good footing. That's why America's leading riders choose Attwood.

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