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As horsemen, we love to talk about the footing. Good, bad, but never indifferent. Good footing can actually increase the longevity of a horse’s career. Bad footing can send you straight to the vet. Recently the FEI published a white paper discussing the science behind good footing. The same scientific approach that has been applied to Attwood’s premium blends for almost twenty years.

Measuring the Properties and Characteristics of Equestrian Surfaces

Footing facts

When you buy an expensive item, such as a car, some measurement of the performance of the car for instance in the form of top speed, mileage per gallon, or emissions has been carried out.


Last year we carried a mini-series on additives. This covered such materials as rubber pieces, PVC wire insulation, carpet scrap and nonwoven felt. We also stressed the importance of fibres in providing cohesion, hence shear strength to a surface, and also contributing to shock absorption. Because of their significant importance, this month we dedicate a complete Footing Facts to fibres.