How to Build a Riding Arena

Just like there are laws of gravity, there are several immutable truths about building a horse riding arena. First and foremost, it is always worth taking the time to research your project and consult with a professional arena builder.

How to Choose Good Footing For Your Arena

Take a look down. What kind of footing do you train on? Do you ever really look at the footing that you ride on every day?

10 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Horse Arena

If you are building your own equestrian facility, chances are that you have a lengthy action plan probably filled with a lot of do’s. But what about the don’ts?

How to Build a Horse Riding Arena On A Budget 2.0

How to Build a Horse Riding Arena On A Budget 2.0

You are about to build your very own riding arena and you want it to be perfect. Perfect but it also has to fit into your budget. Hmmmn. Do not despair. There are lots of proactive steps you can take that will save you money over the lifetime of the ring. Having a well laid out plan in the beginning of the project is the just the first step.