ArenaWet is a new way of watering your arena. The system combines the simplicity of watering from below the footing with the benefits of equestrian arena mats.

A series of inline drip tubes are laid within equestrian arena mats. The drip tubing incorporates a pressure compensated valve approximately every 12 inches. The water is emitted from the valves and flows up and through the footing by capillary action.

The result is a very consistent level of water across all the footing in the arena.

Customers who upgraded from a from a conventional overhead sprinkler system are reporting a saving in water of about 70%.

ArenaWet is divided into multiple circuits that can be controlled separately.

ArenaWet can be used on arenas which are not perfectly flat. The system can be employed on arenas and tracks which are constructed with a slope to aid drainage.

Spray from overhead sprinkler systems can cause wet walls and kickboards, leading to rotting wood, corrosion of metal and mold growth.

  • Automatic underfloor irrigation
  • Save up to 70% on water
  • Even moisture distribution
  • Simple installation
  • Made from recycled material
  • Programmable control panel
  • Suitable for all equestrian disciplines