About Us

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has been manufacturing and installing quality equestrian arena footing for more than twenty years. We are innovators of equine surfaces and Equation was the original dust-free footing.

We understand the needs of each discipline and our background in chemistry, construction, and manufacturing enables us to create carefully balanced products that perform consistently in any climate.

Our clients range from nationally recognized competitors to the private discerning rider. We know it's essential to provide meticulously engineered surfaces that benefit the horse and the rider. Using advances in technology and our continuous innovation, we remain at the forefront of arena footing development.

Having become established in North America, we have recently embarked on a global expansion strategy, and have opened offices in India and the UK to service Asian and European markets, respectively. With significant local presence, we are able to provide the same standards of service that we already provide across the USA


  • Founded by Nick Attwood in 1992
  • Over 500 facilites installed across USA, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Customers include many top drawer competitors and trainers
  • Unrivalled focus on science & innovaton, and pre/aftersale service

Mission & Vision

We're not like other equestrian surface suppliers and installers. Our background is in science and technology, and this has enabled us to create and develop carefully balanced products that perform consistently in any climate. We've invested in continuous research and development to provide riding surfaces with the best possible physical properties. We have developed scientific tests that characterise these properties so we can use objective assessment, rather than rely on 'feel' like many of our competitors. We also apply our technical skills to all aspects of the installation of arenas and tracks. Furthermore we collaborate with the world's leading independent equestrian surface academics to ensure we remain at the forefront of both technical and governance developments.

But we're not just scientists. We understand the needs of each discipline, and we ensure our surfaces benefit both the horse and rider. Over 25 years in the business has taught us this. Over 500 installations later including dressage and jumping arenas, training pens and gallops, and an impressive client list that includes many internationally recognised competitors and trainers, we believe we have the best footing solutions available today.

We're not going to stop here though. Our aim is to bring our high tech solutions to the equestrian and racing world, not just in the United States, but across the globe. For too long, poor quality footing and installation have dogged the riding world. After the promise of safer synthetic racing surfaces in the United States, poor quality, badly developed wax-based footing completely devastated the name of synthetic surfaces. We think there is a way back, and it doesn't involve wax!

Similarly, we constantly come across equestrian customers who are looking to replace poor quality and badly installed arena footing. The common factor in all this is that the suppliers and installers simply don't have the technical expertise to develop, specify and install what is a complicated, highly scientific product and service. All too often they are either ex-riders or trainers, or construction industry employees who do not have the necessary technical training.

We believe we have the best riding surface solutions available today, supplied and installed by the best riding surfaces company.