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As horsemen, we love to talk about the footing. Good, bad, but never indifferent. Good footing can actually increase the longevity of a horse's career. Bad footing can send you straight to the vet. Recently the FEI published a white paper discussing the science behind good footing. The same scientific approach that has been applied to Attwood's premium blends for almost twenty years.

From the hoof's first impact to the rollover, there is a concussive element to all footing. Mostly, the horse's soft tissue will absorb much of it, but good footing can minimize the effects. As the horse's hoof impacts the surface, there is movement forward. Not enough grip and the horse will slip. Too much grip and the horse cannot move freely. It takes a master craftsman who understands the science and a horse's biomechanics to make truly good footing. That's why America's leading riders choose Attwood.

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If you've travelled in California, you may have heard about the Menlo Charity Horse Show, and maybe even visited it. The show takes place at the Menlo Circus Club in Atherton, California and is a six day event attracting many of the most accomplished riders in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Recognized in 2012 as a Heritage Horse Show, Menlo is an AA rated hunter jumper competition. A five time recipient of the NorCal Horse Show of the Year Award, Menlo has been nationally recognized as one of the top horse shows in North America by PhelpsSport.com and has been nominated multiple times by the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame in the Horse Show of the Year category.

The show takes place on the Polo Field and the two competition arenas are set up on the turf. To augment the two show arenas two temporary warm up arenas are also constructed on the turf.

Building temporary arenas on turf was always a difficult proposition. In years gone by, a sand based footing was applied over the turf and picked up after the show. This technique often had disastrous consequences. After a few days the grass under the sand footing would die and become slimy and very slick. The sand footing became unstable and resultant footing became dangerous with many horses falling.

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces was asked to provide a solution which would provide safe footing for the show and also allow the turf polo field to recover as quickly as possible. Our solution was to lay a series of rubber mats on the turf and place the footing on top.

After the show, the footing is removed and piled up in a storage yard, and the mats picked up and stored ready for next year.

The 2015 show was claimed to be a major success with the footing receiving universal praise.

Due to an increasing number of borders, further development at Stableview was undertaken in 2014 with a new outdoor arena being installed. Attwood's sand blend product based on Eurotex (German Geo-Textile) additive was installed because it allows flxibility for high level jumping, and training & flt-work. This surface is also extremely economical. The arena was built with an extensive drainage system because the Aiken area in South Carolina can experience short periods of very heavy rain, and downtime needs to be minimised. Our expertise allows us to combine good water holding ability, good drainage, and flxibility of fimness; a winning combination.

To complete the development a sand blend (Eurotex) warmup arena that can also be used for competition Dressage, connected to both the covered Pinnacle and outdoor sand blend arenas was constructed by us in December 2015.

"My fist introduction to Attwood surfaces was competing at Stableview. In the covered arena or in the outdoor, the footing was just perfect. All my horses go really well on it."
Kate Brown

Attwood's Pinnacle Footing at Kansas State University

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces is elated to share the story behind our recent project in Manhattan, Kansas. This project was for the Kansas State University. They built a new Equine Performance Testing Center and the footing of choice was Attwood Equestrian Surfaces Pinnacle.

As the pictures depict, we had quite the challenge as the weather was below freezing and once the frost began to thaw it became a muddy mess. In addition, when we arrived we realized the base was not correct and is one of the reasons we prefer to do the base ourselves.

We had to correct the grade by bringing in more material and laser leveling it then compacting it with moisture to achieve necessary results as the base was not up to our standard to accept our Pinnacle footing. Despite all of these setbacks we completed the installation and the Architect, Contractor and the medical equine staff at KSU were very impressed.

We at Attwood, believe in hard work no matter what the challenges facing us and delivering results that make our clients happy!

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Attwood sponsors training event with Charles De Kunffy

As horsemen, we are always striving to be better at our craft. What better opportunity then to be a part of the Charles de Kunffy clinic being held at Yellowbird Farm. This Trainer's Seminar blends classroom theory, lectures and riding sessions with all riding sessions being held in the Yellowbird dressage court which features Attwood Pinnacle footing.

We appreciate Team Tate's passion for keeping Classical Dressage prevalent in today's sport. #dressage #teamtate #charlesdekunfy#attwood #wellington Attwood Equestrian Surfaces is very pleased to be a sponsor of this learning experience.