Presenting our all new Terra Nova

July 16, 2014

Terra Nova

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces is delighted to announce the launch of Terra Nova, the latest addition to our existing line-up of high end equestrian footings.

At Attwood, cutting edge research and development is what helps us innovate and constantly customize our footings for different regions and climates. This helps us stay ahead of the competition and helps us ensure that you always get the best out of an Attwood arena. Terra Nova is the latest product of this innovation.

With Terra Nova, you no longer need to water your arena. Terra Nova is polymer based, and hence, more stable to temperature fluctuations as compared to a wax based arena. The footing holds perfectly well, is dust free and ideal for indoor usage. By comparison to traditional arenas, maintenance is significantly reduced - only light periodic harrowing and manure removal are required to keep it in top condition. The footing provides excellent horizontal and vertical support for the horse and the rider and is perfectly suited for both dressage and jumping.

To discover more about Terra Nova, and to request a quote, please visit in the US, in Asia-Pacific and in the UK and Europe.