FEI Publishes Riding Surface Study

July 16, 2014

The FEI has published an important research document detailing the findings of a study into the interaction of arena surfaces on the orthopaedic health of horses in the seven FEI disciplines.

The study, conducted by a collaborative group of the world's leading equine research teams lasted four years, and covered such aspects as physical properties of arena footing, interaction with horse physiological and biomechanical responses, and thoughts on optimal composition, construction and maintenance of riding surface.

The document is said to be an important resource, detailing the current state of knowledge of surface/horse interaction, but will be updated as continuing research refines and adds to the knowledge base.

At Attwood Equestrian Surfaces we have collaborated with several of the members of the study research team since it is our philosophy to apply science to the development of riding surfaces. We are delighted that the research work has culminated in a very useful document, and we encourage anyone who rides to take a look at the report.

The report can be downloaded from the FEI website at: