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September 26, 2015

Joins Caitlin Silliman’s Vagabon de Champdoux Syndicate

Middleburg, VA — Nick Attwood, of Attwood Equestrian Surfaces, is pleased to announce his joining the syndication of Silliman Eventing’s Vagabon de Champdoux (James), a six-year-old French off the track thoroughbred. “I could not be more pleased and proud to be a member of Caitlin’s team”, said Attwood. “And we are really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them both.” James was originally imported from France by Olympian Will Coleman in May of 2014 and quickly made his mark on the United States event world by winning the 5-Year-Old Young Event Horse Champion at the Fair Hill International Young Event Horse Championships in 2014 with Will in the tack. The horse proved to be a bit small for Coleman, but Silliman saw the young horse as the perfect prospect for her budding international career and the match was made.

“We’ve been working with the best riders and trainers for years, developing the perfect footing to them to train on, so I have been very lucky to meet a great deal of talented riders and horses,” said Attwood. “I guess I have been waiting for the right combination to come along at the right time to step into the role of owner. We first met Caitlin at Boyd Martin’s farm when she was just a working student. We were spending a lot of time at Windurra helping develop the facilities. Being there every day, I was really impressed with Caitlin’s dedication, her hard work and natural talent.” Attwood added, “Face it, our young riders need our help if they are going to make it at the upper levels. No matter how driven, how gifted they may be. With Caitlin officially going out on her own, the timing was spot on.”

Silliman Eventing announced at the beginning of September the move to Tivoli Farm, the same facility Coleman calls home. “Thing have really come full circle with this horse as we get him ready to go up the levels,” remarked Silliman. The pair just completed their first CIC* at Plantation Horse Trials, finishing an impressive sixth place.

“It is impossible to put into words what an important role owners play in eventing,” said Silliman. “I’m so very excited to have Nick on my team. I have been training on his footing for years and feel honored that he is supporting his first event horse with a younger rider like myself. This life, my dreams to be successful at the very top of the sport, would be impossible without owners like Nick and I am very grateful for their involvement.”

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