Attwood delivers lecture at Chinese Taipei Equestrian Association

October 03, 2015

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces was invited to Taiwan to deliver a short presentation on the properties of good footing. The CTEA is very keen on improving the standard of the sport in Taiwain, and is forging a relationship with Attwood to improve footing in the country.

In recent years, equestrian sport has become popular in Taiwan, though the Taiwanese won’t mind saying that the quality of footing leaves a lot to be desired. On a 3-day tour of the country, we had the opportunity to interact extensively with leading stakeholders in the equestrian community, and discuss how to improve their facilities.

We also carried out a short workshop on how to maintain arenas and increase their longevity.

We will be back in Taiwan in the coming months to carry forward the good work that we have started in collaboration with the CTEA.

View our presentation to the CTEA here