Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has been building quality horse arena footing for more than twenty years. We are innovators of equine surfaces and Equation® is the original dust-free footing. Our background in chemistry, construction, and manufacturing enables us to research and create carefully balanced products that perform consistently in any climate.

We understand the needs of each discipline. Our clients range from nationally recognized competitors to the private discerning rider. We know it’s essential to provide meticulously engineered surfaces that benefit the horse and the rider. Using advances in technology and our continuous innovation, we remain at the forefront of arena footing development.

The Science
We’ve invested in continuous research and development to provide a riding surface with the best possible physical properties. These consist of optimum shear strength, minimal concussion and viscoelastic rebound.

Optimum shear strength allows the horizontal and vertical motions of the hoof to be arrested in a controlled, progressive manner. The surface allows forward rotation – or break-over – of the hoof which compacts the footing below the horse. The engineered viscoelastic rebound encourages and enhances forward motion.

All of our arena footing products are manufactured without wax, and therefore are more stable in extreme temperature conditions. During high temperatures, our polymer coating will not melt or become as soft as wax can. And during extreme cold, our surfaces will remain soft and pliable, rather than become hard and brittle.