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    Because so much is riding on your surface.

    Attwood Equestrian Surfaces provides meticulously engineered surfaces that benefit both the horse and the rider. Contact us today to learn why Attwood is simply the best surface you can ride on.

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    Pinnacle Footing

    Pinnacle is a polymer coated sand blended with poly-micro fibers. The footing is dust-free and never requires watering. The riding characteristics are a combination of low concussion and optimum visco-elastic rebound.

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    Ameritrack Footing

    Ameritrack is a synthitic riding surface specifically designed and formulated for horse safety and injury reduction.  Ameritrack is engineered with a free-draining base and all-weather cushion.

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    Dramatically enhance the performance of any sand surface with Attwood’s premium, affordable additives.

    • Euro Tex®
    • Micro Supreme®
    • GGT®
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  • About Attwood

    Since 1992 Attwood Eques- trian Surfaces has been at the forefront of footing devel- opment. We are the original manufacturer of polymer- coated, dust-free footing in the USA. Our footings are engineered from meticulously selected sand, blended with micro poly-fibers and coated with a viscoelastic polymer. More about Attwood
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    Coming soon - The New Attwood Coffee Table Book

    02 February 2016

    Over the winter, we have worked really hard to prepare this lovely photo book and discussion guide to educate people about the virtues of good...

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